Madis Raud

Professional Valuator

I have been operating in the field of real estate since 2013 and joined Domus Kinnisvara as a valuator in 2018. I consider property business to be my hobby and it is a real pleasure to combine daily work with my hobby.

I have the Bachelor's degree in information technology from Tartu University and the Master's degree in entrepreneurship from the Estonian Business School.

In the appraiser's work, I face both -residential and commercial property valuation on a daily basis, but from time to time I also encounter appraisals of more unique assets, such as housing development projects, manors, barns, non-residential premises, guest apartments, attics, basements and commercial land. In addition, some of the more exciting projects relate to the assessment of the compensation value of land acquired in the public interest in the context of public procurement.

In my work, I value most the varied work and the positive work environment.

I am detail-oriented, conscientious and hardworking.

I will be happy to help you with property issues.

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