Kaupo Mõttus

Professional Broker / Project Manager

My career at Domus Kinnisvara started with a friend's recommendation to try myself as a broker. I listened to this advice and today I can say that I made the right decision. I'm a problem solver by nature. The real estate brokerage from a seller to a buyer or finding a suitable object for the buyer is the continuous probleem solving. Searching and finding solutions so that both sides are satisfied with the result at the maximum ... But I'm not happy with that, I'm looking for additional problems such as incomplete building documentation, unauthorized housing, unauthorized enclosures / extensions, etc. –this is my cup of tea and I come through it at any case. In order to meet such a challenge on a daily basis, it is necessary to keep your mind and body in constant shape and do everything possible to ensure that the smile does not disappear even in the rain.

In order to achieve a positive result, I definitely benefit from the fact that as a result of all my experience over the years I am a calm and consistent clerk.

I value honesty and concreteness and I am convinced that people are mostly good and friendly.

In addition to Estonian and Russian languages, I speak English and Finnish at a good level of communication.

My free time mostly belongs to my family, I also do a lot of sports and I have been an active member of the Defense League for many years. I appreciate good and elegant sense of humour and people who can think out of the box :)

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