Kristi Roolaht

Broker / Consultant

Why did I join Domus Kinnisvara?

Having previously worked in casinos for 19 years, most time as a trainer, passing on my knowledge and skills, I reached the point in my life where it was time to turn a new page.

The essence of the job as a real estate consultant that spoke to me is daily communication and cooperation with different people, finding out their expectations and needs. Opportunity to plan my time, work with an excellent, caring and professional team and as a result of all this be useful to my customers searching a new home for them.

The strongest qualities I can apply in my job are reliability, thoroughness, accuracy and flexibility. By nature I am a friendly, cheerful, direct and courageous communicator.

Very important in my life are family, friends, time spent together with them and music.In people I value empathy, kindness and honesty.

My goal is to do my work with all my heart, be cooperative both with clients and colleagues so that the goals set could be resolved positively for all parties.

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