T60 – The new, chic apartment building is rising in Tallinn city centre

Imagine a situation where you set up a snack table on the large balcony of your new home and are waiting for guests at your housewarming. The phone indicates you’ve got a message: “Wait, where did you move to? Where should we come?”
You quickly reply: “You know, the coolest new building on Tartu Highway, the one with the GREEN facade!”
Just in case, you also send a picture:

“But how do we get in?” asks the friend.

And you answer, feeling like the proudest homeowner in Estonia: “Just press 16 in front of the building, get on the elevator and you go straight to my apartment!”

This is what the future could look like! Already in 2025, the long-awaited green, chic T60 new development will be completed in the center of Tallinn, where 16 luxurious and unique two- to five-room apartments have now been put up for sale, some of which can be accessed directly from the elevator in a truly New York style.

The elegant main facade of the T60 house is decorated with Emerald Green bricks produced by AS Wienerberger, which are unique and developed in Germany, especially for this building. The bricks have been made unique in the engobe technique, where color pigments and metal oxides are added to the clay glaze to achieve a completely new and effective appearance. The shiny surface of the bricks and the peculiar green tone create an enchanting image in the sunlight, which makes the T60 building a truly magnificent eye-catcher in this long row of buildings on Tartu Road.

If the side of the house facing Tartu Road opens up to the charms and vibrations of the center of Tallinn, the side of the yard welcomes you with a completely different special vibe. It has its own enclosed green courtyard in the middle of the tall buildings of the city center, a chill-out area, and a small outdoor gym, so on some lazy days you can set up your home office there and stretch in the open air while taking a break from the screen.

Residences with a real metropolitan atmosphere are located on the higher floors, with views of the surrounding city and the sea. Most of the apartments have a plan through the house, so on one side you can observe the fast-paced city buzz, while on the other side, you can see the calmer greenery of the courtyard. Of course, we build balconies for all apartments, but those facing the yard are bigger than some people’s entire homes.

The location probably doesn’t need a long introduction – Tartu Highway in the center of Tallinn is known to all Estonians and probably also to those who have visited the capital at least once in their life. We are going to erect a new 7-story building with energy class A on this well-known street in the city center. It will be an eye-catcher for sure!

Check out the apartment plans on the T60 website, choose your new home, and book it today!