Brokerage Service

Domus Kinnisvara offers brokerage service to the owners of residential spaces as well as commercial immovable property, and their buyers and lessees. The service involves mediating, in exchange for a fee and on behalf of the mandator, purchase, sale, rental and lease transactions for immovable property, and providing consultations relating to the field of immovable property. We guarantee transparency for our clients and their interests when representing them in all types of immovable property transactions. Our goal is to act on ethical grounds and offer quality service in brokerage related activities.

One of the most important factors in determining the efficiency of brokerage service is trust between the broker and their clients. A good broker is always an ethical broker, which is why our brokers adhere in their everyday activities to the Code of Good Practice of the Estonian Chamber of Real Estate Agents. Our brokers are guided by the principles of honest business and ethical truths as well as the interests of the client. Prior to concluding transactions, we undertake to identify all aspects for the seller as well as the buyer that may affect the decisions of the parties, legal and economic factors. We undertake to behave honestly and impartially towards all participants associated with the transaction and mediation process. We avoid the overstatement, distortion and concealment of relevant facts.

Many of our brokers are members of the Chamber of Estate Agents. The contents of brokerage service and duties of real estate agents are fixed in the vocational standard Real Estate Agent III approved by the Qualifications Authority.

During the course of the provision of brokerage service, the real estate agent’s main duties are:

  • searching for clients, determining their wishes, fixing the order (mandate), informing the client about the content of the offered service, terms and conditions of mediation, concluding a brokerage contract;
  • collecting market information, registering purchase and sales offers systematisation, entry into databases, internal comparison of databases, supplementation thereof;
  • collecting thorough information on the object, scheduling and financial planning of sales activity, selection of target group and sales channels;
  • explaining the market situation and the possibilities and conditions arising therefrom to clients;
  • consulting the client in regards to known properties affecting the possible price level and the price;
  • preparing sales materials, informing the target group via targeted mail, print media, Internet and other channels; presenting the object, introducing terms and conditions of sale/rental/lease and other marketing related works;
  • organising negotiations and consulting the client in regards to contractual provisions, representing and advising the client during negotiations, acquiring necessary documents;
  • making preparations for the conclusion of immovable property transactions and the conclusion of notarial contracts. Organising the preparation and conclusion of other necessary contracts;
  • works performed following the transaction in connection with the release of objects, movement of money, payment of debts and obligations associated with the objects, and so on;
  • reporting to the client regarding progress on the performance of obligations assumed by the broker with the contract.

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