Assessment Service

Domus Kinnisvara’s advantages:

  • our valuations are thorough and valid
  • our valuations conform to mandatory standards
  • our valuations are accepted by all banks
  • we have a large share of professional valuators

Why should you order valuation service?

Domus Kinnisvara performs immovable property valuation:

  • in order to determine the value of the loan guarantee
  • finding the market value of the object to prepare it for sale
  • for a company’s financial reporting
  • in the case of disputes in court
  • in order to make investment decisions
  • exchanging or renting immovables
  • to set the starting price at auctions
  • to find the fair value for a bailiff
  • to find the insurable value
  • in other instances ordered by the client

What is immovable valuation comprised of?

In Estonia, immovable property valuation standards EVS 875, issued by the Estonian Centre for Standardisation, are valid and all valuators must adhere to those standards.The standards provide instructions on how to carry out valuation proceedings, how to apply valuation methods and designate the components and quality requirements of a mandatory expert valuation.

The valuation of each object is comprised of the following works:

  • Accepting the order, specifying the terms of reference for the valuation and concluding a contract for services
  • Inspection of the object (including travel time to the object)
  • Collecting initial data and providing an assessment as to the reliability of the initial data
  • Market analysis, renewing the analysis
    Searching for comparative data, consultations
  • Application of valuation methodology, including selection and adjustment of reference data
  • Preparing a valuation report
  • Quality control
  • Other activities (information exchange with the party who orders, preparing the invoice, binding the valuation and submitting it to a bank, etc.)

Pursuant to standard EVS 875, the valuation report takes the form of an expert valuation, the minimum requirements of which are prescribed in the standard.

Valuation department services:

  • valuation of immovable property
  • preparing market analyses
  • sales price consultation

In cooperation with the development department, we perform

  • analyses of development projects
  • analyses of best use resulting in a higher value for the object
  • finding an attractive perspective for property standing idle

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