Privacy Policy of Domus Kinnisvara

The privacy policy of Domus Kinnisvara is based on the principles of the legal acts of the Republic of Estonia, and aims to protect the privacy of our former, current and future customers. Hence, we have prepared our privacy policy rules which concern the collection, storage, forwarding and disclosure of the personal data of our customers.

Collection and use of personal data

For Domus Kinnisvara, personal data is the data given to us voluntarily, the data that we receive from public registers or the data related to the conclusion of agreements, including the customer’s name, telephone number, e-mail address, postal address and other data (e.g. concluded agreements, provided services, placed orders, wishes of the customer, etc.).

This personal data will be used for distributing the newsletter of the company, for determining information about the real estate market and sales offers, as well as for carrying out market surveys and for other purposes related to the main field of activity of Domus Kinnisvara.

Domus Kinnisvara does not sell, distribute, use or forward personal data in any way that contradicts the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

Personal data is collected when a customer fills in the service subscription form and by agreeing to send your data to us, by concluding the service and cooperation agreements, by registering as a participant at our customer events, by registering as a recipient of our newsletter or in any other way when a person gives his/her consent for the use of their data.

If you have not agreed with the use of your personal data, or no longer wish to allow the use of your data, please let us know about this by sending an e-mail to:

Website cookies

Domus Kinnisvara uses cookies on its website, which are used for collecting non-personal data, such as a visitor’s age, gender and location. Such information is collected for the purpose of obtaining data and analysing the functionality of our website, allowing us to make our website more user-friendly. We do not use such data for personal monitoring.

You can disable the use of cookies in your web browser. To do this, you must change your browser settings.