Commercial property

A personal and complete full service for real estate owners, buyers and lessees who wish to achieve a fast and effective result. The commercial properties we work with include offices, plots of land, developments, storage and retail spaces, production facilities and all other spaces designated for business purposes.

            ” We offer a personal approach to each and every client”

Our services include:


Do you value your time and want effective results? Our enthusiastic consultants work 24/7 for the benefit of each client, in order to provide you with an exceptional service and outstanding results.

  • Leases and sales promotions
  • Mapping and the analysis of lease options


Our consultants are competent advisers who can assist our clients in all real estate related questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question; we will work to resolve even the most difficult problems.

  • Commercial property consultations
  • Best use analyses
  • Transactional consultations

              ” Five-star customer service “


Our competent consultants have many years of experience in the management of investment projects, and will be able to advise you from the beginning of an idea right up to the end result. This may, for instance, concern a commercial immovable property that produces a stable cash flow or a successful sale of land or buildings.

  • Sale arrangements for investment projects
  • Drawing up analyses for investment projects
  • Buyer’s agent services
  • Consultations

               ” We have 25 years of experience in management”


We offer professional and personal expert appraisals, as well as market situation analyses that correspond to the client’s initial wishes. We also help our clients in collecting and systematising data (plans, archive materials, utility system connections and capacities, etc.).

  • Price analyses and market situation analyses
  • Data aggregations
  • Real estate appraisals

               ” We put our heart into each and every project”


We will assist you in reviewing, initiating the preparation of, and revising your detailed plan as well as organising the relevant documentation. We also provide advisory services and can help with the management of development projects.

  • Management and consultations on development projects
  • Creation of possible development concepts

                ” Innovative and smart marketing are the keywords of today “


Our Marketing Department will help you to grow a small seed of a concept into a story that is full of ideas and deliver a unique development.

  • Creation and implementation of real estate marketing concepts

Our goal is to provide a transparent and reliable service, which results in the delivery of the best possible solution for the client.

Our team is composed of true professionals in the field. We have many years of experience and competence in the field of real estate in terms of construction, appraisals, development, brokerages and marketing.


Kaido Elram
Broker / Commercial Real Estate Consultant
+372 5300 5441

Toivo Täht

Toivo Täht
Broker / Commercial Real Estate Consultant
+372 5594 8298

Ainar Haavistu

Ainar Haavistu
Broker / Commercial Real Estate Consultant
+372 507 0299