Diana Hein

Broker / Consultant

Versatile, lively and extremely hardworking. In brokerage work I enjoy communicating with new people the most. I find that there are many different challenges in brokerage, it is educational and keeps the mind alert. I like that with every new apartment purchase and sale transaction you can put yourself on the test again and again. I am very active by nature and I solve problems in order of priority. All previous experience has been very useful, especially in solving complex objects and has also been useful in dealing with the sale and rental of more special business premises. I speak Russian fluently and do not have trouble communicating in English either.

Trainings completed:

2018 "The Essence of Brokerage and Lease Agreements and Mandatory Conditions in the Work of a Real Estate Broker"

2017 "When to pay income tax on real estate transactions?"

2017 "Apartment Ownership and Apartment Associations Act coming into force soon - what does a real estate agent need to know about this?"

2017 Your RE / MAX Career RE / MAX Academy

2016 „Real estate sales guarantee. Disadvantages of the property “EKMK

2016 “VAT on transfer of immovable property” EKMK

2015 “Income tax on the transfer of a property and rent of a dwelling” EKMK

2015 “Living in an environment with protected cultural values - rich life” EKMK

2015 “Construction and use permits” EKMK

2013 „Real estate broker's pre-vocational training“ EKMK

2012 „Sales training for brokers“ Joonas Saksa

2012 “How to reach an effective transaction?” MTÜ KinnisvaraMagnaadid

2010 „ ABC for real estate“ Kinnisvarakool OÜ

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