Marika Ratassepp

Professional Broker / Consultant

Most of my life- for 20 years, I have been involved in sales. It has been interesting, versatile and developing and has taught me to do maximum in a minimum time, keep things simple and be empathetic.

After a long period of sales work I felt like I wanted to do something else, but at the same time implement the skills I have acquired from sales work. After thinking for a long time about what it could be, I decided to stick to sales, but to choose a completely different field - real estate. It seemed interesting, different and developing enough for me. I started studying real estate brokerage at Tallinn School of Economics.

Studying as a real estate agent brought me to Domus Kinnisvara. Why Domus Kinnisvara? From the very first visit to Domus Kinnisvara office, I felt that I wanted to belong there. People were so cool and smiling. Besides, Domus Kinnisvara has many very experienced brokers who are all motivators!

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