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Access directly from the municipal road, by the sea, the possibility of using a boat launch, safe, electricity 3x25A, water from your own borehole, no need to haul waste water out, sales price includes VAT. Make your own offer!

In Harju county, Lääne-Harju municipality, Kurkse village, a property with the address Nurga-Uuetoa tee 5, with an area of ​​11428 m², has been put up for sale. In total, there are 12 seafront 100% residential properties located in an area of ​​19.4 ha, and two of them have already found a new owner. The properties have an elongated shape and one end is bordered by the road and the other end by the sea. The real estate area is located by Pakri Bay.
There are views of the Pakri peninsula (Paldiski town) and the open sea. The roads leading to the properties have been handed over to the municipality.

The areas of residential plots are between 1.1 and 1.8 ha.
Construction rights:
- the largest number of buildings - 4 (1 family home and 3 auxiliary buildings)
- the residential building can have a slightly sloping pitched roof(s) or a flat roof
- the highest height of buildings - 8 m for a residential building, 4 m for an auxiliary building from the ground to the ridge (a flat-roofed residential building can be up to 6.5 m high)
- the largest number of floors - 2 above ground
- the largest building area under construction - 300 m²
- the largest % of complete construction - 2-3%
- the long sides of the residential building must be more or less in the same direction as the long sides of the lot
- the largest width of the residential building can be up to 20% of the width of the plot
- exterior finishing materials - natural and close to nature
- the construction ban zone is 100 m from the water's edge

The distance between the construction areas is planned to be at least 20 m (10 + 10 m). Fences on the road side must be partially transparent, made of natural and close-to-nature materials. Recommended materials are limestone, earth stone, roigas, log, wooden batten and flag. Fences between neighbors must be built in agreement with the neighbor. The maximum height of the fence is 1.5 m, the recommended height is 1 m.

The Lautri property (there is no building right now) near the property has been arranged and deepened. The possibility of using a free berth for small flotation devices. All driveways are 5.5 m wide with support beds and are without kerbs. There are turning points at the end of the carriageways.

Domestic water is obtained from a borehole located on the property. If you plan to install a pool on the plot, the sea next to it allows you to fill the pool and renew the water as often as needed. In order to eliminate wastewater, it is possible for the owner of the property to install an individual biological treatment plant with a seepage area. A 10/0.4 kV substation has been built for electricity supply. Connection plates are installed on the borders of the plots. The electricity connection fee of 25A and the borehole are included in the price of the property. The Internet and TV solution is carried out over the air via the mobile network.

Large properties allow more privacy and peace. You can rest your mind and spirit listening to birdsong and the sound of the sea. Northwest Estonia is known to have the cleanest air, due to the prevailing winds, which carry air here from above the sea and from there on from areas where there is little human activity. The village of Kurkse is a peaceful area with the port of Kurkse, which is only 3 km away from the property. Kurkse harbor has up to 100 boat berths and the depth of the exit channel is up to 1.5 m. It is also possible to rent a place in the port for your personal watercraft. It is often possible to buy fresh fish there from recreational fishermen. The nearest settlements are 8 km away. Before them are forests, where you can find both berries and mushrooms in summer and autumn. The nearest grocery store "Meie" is located 8.8 km away on Harju-Risti. 8 km away is the Church of the Cross with a unique tower, where Annika Laats is the teacher. Land is the only thing that is no longer being added to, and there are even fewer properties by the sea on offer.

I can send the explanatory letter of the detailed plan and the basic drawing with utility networks (where the boundary of the built-up area is also indicated) by e-mail.

Properties with address, cadastral number, area and sale price that are still on offer:
Laheotsa tee 20 (43101:001:1845) 11430 m² - SOLD
Laheotsa tee 18 (43101:001:1846) 13425 m² - 124900€
Laheotsa tee 16 (43101:001:1847) 13410 m² - 124900€
Laheotsa tee 14 (43101:001:1848) 15077 m² - 139000€
Laheotsa tee 12 (43101:001:1849) 18472 m² - 159000€
Laheotsa tee 10 (43101:001:1850) 16692 m² - 149000€
Laheotsa tee 8 (43101:001:1851) 15927 m² - 149000€
Laheotsa tee 6 (43101:001:1852) 13755 m² - 124900€
Nurga-Uuetoa tee 1 (43101:001:1854) 11243 m² - 119900€
Nurga-Uuetoa tee 3 (43101:001:1855) 10815 m² - SOLD
Nurga-Uuetoa tee 5 (43101:001:1856) 11428 m² - 99900€ (NEW PRICE!)
Nurga-Uuetoa tee 7 (43101:001:1857) 12677 m² - 119000€

The sales price includes VAT. A simple written reservation contract can be concluded to reserve the property. If you are interested in inspecting everything on the spot, feel free to let us know and we will arrange a suitable time. I can also help you sell your existing home and offer discounts on bank contract fees when arranging purchase finance. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

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99 900 €

8.7 € / m2
Plot size:
11428 m2
Cadastral register number:
Form of ownership:
Registered immovable

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