Evelin Reimann

Professional Broker / Consultant

I joined Domus Kinnisvara in autumn 2018 due to the fact that real estate has always interested me.

I am a business manager by education, I obtained my higher education in the field of economics.

As a real estate consultant, my goal is to provide clients with quality service by finding their dream homes and helping them make transactions effortlessly.

According to my friends I am active and a very good communicator, I like to find solutions and be useful. I value trust and honesty in human relationships.

I am interested in writings and presentations on motivation and self-development.

I spend my free time at home and with my loved ones, I enjoy golf and seaside walks. Travelling has been a good charger and a horizon broader.

I get inspiration from the quote:

Believe that you can and you are halfway there. (T. Roosevelt)

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