Janis Rimitsans

Professional Broker Level 6

I started working as a real estate agent in 2002, and over my 21-year journey, I have facilitated a significant number of real estate transactions. Among the notable achievements, I consider my nomination for the "Real Estate Agent of the Year 2019" title in Estonia. As a member of the Estonian Association of Real Estate Agents, I constantly undergo various real estate-related training to stay up to date with market developments and acquire new techniques while refreshing old sales methods. I have successfully passed professional examinations and achieved the highest possible professional qualification for real estate agents - Level 6. I have mentored aspiring real estate agents in the past and continue to do so, hoping to share my years of experience with them. Most people find their way to me through recommendations from satisfied clients.

Although I primarily work in the interest of sellers, my direct principals, I believe that a properly organized real estate transaction can also provide professional service to buyers. This is supported by many recommendations I have received, not only from sellers but also from buyers of transactions I have previously arranged. I find the greatest pleasure and adrenaline in particularly complex and challenging transactions today. I also greatly enjoy participating in real estate development projects. I am often involved in these projects from the moment a developer acquires the property for development, and the years-long process until the completion of homes is a delightful creative endeavor.

Since I am open to new acquaintances and highly value people's openness and communication, many of my clients have become good friends and acquaintances beyond our initial business relationship. Just as people usually have their family doctor, dentist, lawyer, etc., I aspire to be my clients' future real estate agent or, let's say, friend in the rapidly changing world of real estate. I have received education from Tallinn University of Technology and Tallinn School of Economics. In my younger years, I also had experience working in nightclubs and restaurants, and later, I even owned a restaurant myself. I try to dedicate my free time to my family and friends. I consider real relaxation to be traveling, both near and far, with my loved ones. I strive to live my life in a way that brings me genuine joy in going to work in the morning and even greater joy in coming home in the evening."


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