Lea Kull

Professional Valuator / Broker / Consultant

Real estate appraiser, level 6, (professional certificate 163047).

I have been working in the friendly team of Domus Kinnisvara since 2005, in the field of real estate since 2000. So I can say that over the years I have gained a lot of experience. I recently made some statistics and it turned out that over the years I have compiled almost 4,600 expert appraisals for various assets (apartments, houses, cottages, ) and mediated almost 250 sales transactions.

In my work I appreciate the variety and communication with people. It is also exciting to see different homes, architecture and furnishings.

I have obtained my higher education at the University of Life Sciences (former Estonian Academy of Agriculture). I have also completed many different trainings both by the Estonian Association of Real Estate Appraisers and also by Domus Kinnisvara. Every 5 years I have proven my professional skills and knowledge in front of the EKHÜ examination committee.

According to my colleagues, I am a good communicator, a reliable, honest, straightforward and bright person. To confirm this, I have been elected the Colleague of the Year for several years in a row.

My interests are culture and music - for more than 30 years I have been singing in the Female Choir of the Academy of Sciences, thanks to that I have travelled a lot and participated in various competitions.

In my free time I enjoy cycling and walking by the sea.

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