Liia Laid

Professional Broker / Consultant

2017 Queen of transactions

2012 Broker of the year

2010 Broker of the year

I have worked as a broker since 2002, I joined Domus Kinnisvara in 2008.

In my work I especially appreciate the possibility of personal fulfilment. It is a job where the days are not the same, there is a clear responsibility for what has been done and at the same time the results and customer satisfaction are tangible.

I have worked for many years as a manager in a private company, completed several in-service trainings in marketing and saleswork.

Since 2006 I have the qualification of a professional broker.

I am a very social person with developed empathy, I am tolerant and a helpful companion.

I value humour, honesty and responsibility in people.

My free time goes to my country house on an island and the primary place in my activities takes my family.

There are no unresolved problems - I am firmly convinced!

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