Marge Tõnnis

Professional Broker / Consultant

I joined Domus Kinnisvara in 2009, supporting the company's expansion plans to Southern Estonia with advice and strength.

I have been operating in the local market since 1996, I have gained valuable experience from colleagues at Tõnisson Kinnisvara and ERI Kinnisvara, which were my previous jobs.

Considering professional skills to be crucial in our job, I work in the professional committee of the Brokerage Chamber, which regulates the admission to the exams that are organized twice a year. In addition, I try my best to help with various professional trainings.

I am happy to invite the average consumer of our services - buyer, seller or tenant - to take part in a consultation, which provides a good basis for delving into the subject. The combined time spent on discussion and analysis will allow clear, reasoned and profitable decisions for market participants in the near future. The work process that develops from this level is already a real pleasure for us.

Welcome to Domus!

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