Margit Vähi

Broker / Consultant

Nearly 15 years of work experience in the real estate field!


I can safely say that I enjoy every moment of my work - it is a very varied field. Every customer is different, every home story is different.

My work requires a lot of knowledge from me ,a very good awareness to understand people, honest and open communication skills, accuracy, diligence and definitely a creative approach.

The profession of a real estate agent never lets you become lazy - you must constantly be aware of market fluctuations and amendments to the law.

I am cheerful and have a positive outlook on life.

Thanks to my brokerage work my acquaintanceship is constantly expanding. Communication with some customers has maintained .

I enjoy challenges in the form of more complex real estate objects - if you can't do it, you can do it :) There are no impossible situations!

I believe that successful cooperation between a broker and a client is largely based on mutual trust and honesty. If both sides stubbornly pursue their own line, a positive outcome will not be achieved and there will be a very bitter taste of cooperation.

I consider absolutely all my transactions the greatest professional achievements because there has always been something to learn from each transaction.

However, the biggest achievements in my life are three great girls and a home built with my own hands and without a mortgage.

Dear former and current customers - thank you for your trust!

Dear future customers - welcome and great cooperation!

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