Neeme Liiva

Broker / Consultant / Project Manager - Consultant of the year 2017 ja 2019

Just as there are no two houses or apartments that are exactly alike, no two days are the same in real estate. This fascinates me in this work - diversity. Sometimes it is necessary to order archeological excavations or become familiar with numerological knowledge in order to sell an object, not to mention Feng Shui and closing.

I have been working in the real estate sector since 2004. Definitely my knowledge in the field of construction and furniture help me - I have graduated from TPI (TUT). For example, I have worked at the Tallinn Residential Construction Combine and therefore I know the anatomy of panel houses quite well. I have also been involved in dozens of development projects that have brought happiness to many in the form of a new home. Joy in people's faces and hearts is what makes brokerage work especially enjoyable.

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