Evely Lai

Broker / Consultant

I joined Domus Kinnisvara in 2015 but I used to work in this field since 2006. I am fascinated by interesting and diverse work in the real estate field. I appreciate new and exciting acquaintances as different types of people. I have completed several real estate and sales trainings and I am sincerely pleased to develop and improve my current knowledge more in the Domus team. It is important to do things that attract you and today I can say that I have found a job that makes my eyes shine.

I do my best to make the sale or purchase of a home as smooth as possible. I value human relationships and I am flexible and above all, I hold and serve my customers with all my heart. I adapt to people and reach an agreement with them quickly.

I consider myself an active, cheerful and straightforward person.

I spend my free time with dear people and my family. I walk a lot in the open air and I like to do sports. I am open to everything new and extreme.

Even if you have found the right path in your life, you will not get anywhere if you just sit on that way.

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