Irina Salikova

Broker / Consultant

During my career as a real estate specialist for about 10 years, I have encountered very different problems and solutions, which is why I dare to start solving even the most complex real estate problems. Of course I have the support from the Domus Kinnisvara team. That's why I have developed a big clientele who trusts me. I consider my strengths energy, determination, calm mind in difficult situations and excellent communication skills. Customers have emphasized my directness and reliability. These qualities have made me one of the best real estate sales specialists in Narva. On the one hand, I enjoy communicating and I enjoy every new contact, but on the other hand, I want to finish everything I started with the best results. Thus, in addition to acquiring new knowledge and skills, I try to pay mainly attention to their implementation in everyday work. I always feel great joy when my work or contribution has brought tangible benefits and made the parties of the real estate transaction happy.

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