Natalija Leiten

Professional Valuator / Professional Broker / Consultant

I have been working in the real estate field since 2004, so in 2019 it was 15 years from the time I was operating in the property market. I have seen the rise and fall of the real estate market, changes in trends, legislative developments and the increasing professionalism of this profession. Thanks to my long-term experience and ability to delve into , I can handle even the most difficult cases.

I started working in a real estate company as a real estate valuator, I have the professional appraiser's certificate since 2017. Although real estate appraisal has been my main activity for many years, I have also become interested in brokerage work, which arouses passion because of its versatility ,coming together with different people and the happy moments that are connected with getting a new home.

I like to sell properties, consult clients, protect them from risks and negotiate the best conditions for them. I enjoy the process and the moments when I can be really useful to people. I am a member of the Estonian Chamber of Estate Agents. Feel free to contact with me with any questions regarding the property sector!

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