Elar Häidberg

Professional Broker / Consultant

Almost 10 years ago, I became interested in real estate. In 2019, I started working in real estate as a commercial and residential broker and have not regretted this decision for a day. Through my work, I can help clients with their new rental or real home. I have also helped many companies find new rooms for their businesses.

My strengths are my experience in road and building construction, my ability to read and compile projects, logical and problem-oriented thinking. I am friendly and helpful by nature. If you believe my customers' feedback, I can easily explain complex things.

If you want an experienced professional to sell or rent your real estate, be sure to contact me and I promise that together we will find a solution to your most difficult questions!


Johannes: "Elar is a very good broker, communication was pleasant, information flowed quickly and the transaction was completed at the desired price in the optimal time. I would definitely recommend him as a broker."
Helin: "It's easy to communicate with Elar, he listens and thinks along. The assessments and opinions are reasonable and relevant. The pictures taken of the apartment were beautiful and realistic. I would definitely recommend Elar to others as well! Excellent!"
Triini & Remo: "Thanks to Elar, we got all the things done with the purchase of a new home. The cooperation with the broker went very well - helpful but not intrusive, always there, friendly, with good communication skills and a positive person.
When questions arise during buying real estate, Elar helped to find answers quickly, advised on the choice of banks and arranged everything with a notary.
We definitely recommend and encourage people to use a broker, especially if they have little knowledge of real estate transactions and time means much more than ticking seconds."
Inga: "Responsive and practical attitude. I would definitely recommend the services to my acquaintances and, if necessary, I will use the Domus real estate service again."
Rannel: "A pleasant personal communication and a small gift at the end of the deal is exactly the cherry on the cake. Strength and endurance in the future!"
Chirag: "I liked everything - fast and professional"
Alina: "I liked the support offered by the broker, his ability to explain even complicated things in very simple words."
Maili-Milvi: "Pleasant direct communication. Sticks to the time and promises"
Eva: "A very professional and helpful broker. Attitude to the client friendly and kind, polite language of communication"
Helve: "Broker Elar Häidberg is a friendly, polite, very good communicator, found a tenant for my property very quickly and was available throughout the process and the information flowed quickly."
Kristel: "Full service, I didn't have to worry and waste time"
Eve: "The man knew his job and did it well!"
Arsenii: "Answered quickly, gave a lot of important information about the apartment"
Veiko: "The broker always did his best regardless of the situation and helped in any way he could. There are no negative things to point out."
Daina: "The service was great and Elar was super professional, completely available and was the most pleasant experience to meet such a broker, really!"
Ülle: "I liked the competence and friendliness of the broker"

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