Katrin Kuusma


I have acquired the profession of a salesperson, after that I graduated with a first degree in commercial economics and have also acquired a master's degree in economics and business. In 2018, I entered the Faculty of Law of the University of Tartu to have a better and faster orientation in the often-changing legislation.

All additional studies have been focusing on human psychology, marketing, and eventually real estate. I have been in the sales business for over 10 years, including in real estate since 2014. A good economic education is a prerequisite for understanding and marketing the most difficult projects. I believe that one of the key things of a successful transaction is proper groundwork.

I also try to find/preserve a childlike creativity and hope in myself! I firmly believe that every pot has its lid and there is a buyer for each property!

I am a member of the Estonian Chamber of Estate Agents and a member of the Board of South Estonia of the Estonian Chamber of Estate Agents. I am also active in the board of the Estonian Boxer Club and organize various events to contribute to making the world a better place.

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