Kristiina Susi

Professional Broker / Consultant

I am sincerely glad to be a part of Domus Kinnisvara's hard-working and happy team. I like the opportunity to be competent in very different fields and constantly improve myself as a real estate consultant. I am a member of the Estonian Chamber of Estate Brokers and I also have a Professional Certificate of the Estonian Chamber of Estate Brokers. Last spring I graduated from Tallinn School of Economics with a degree in real estate brokerage. For me the goal of every transaction is a happy and satisfied customer. I am a positive and bright person by nature. I have done sales for over 20 years. In addition to Estonian, English and Finnish, I also speak Russian at the communication level. I get positive experiences from music, theatre, reading and sports. Spending quality time with my loved ones and singing in the Academy chamber choir conducted by Veronika Portsmuth and vocal group Ring make my eyes shine.

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