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Regularisation of construction and repair works

Correct documentation is one of the pillars of real estate liquidity and value. Also, for banks, the legal correctness of collateral assets is one of the prerequisites for issuing a loan. In many cases, this problem is encountered when people try to sell their assets but realise that the building has undergone remodelling or extension work for which the required documentation is missing. The problem may also arise with an insured event where the insurer can refuse to compensate for damages as the object does not have proper documentation.

We help real estate owners to:

Regularise construction and repair work that has been carried out, including:

  • Apply for the building permit and for the use and occupancy permit
  • Submit the building notice and use and occupancy notice
  • Submit the information submission notice
  • Organise appropriate surveys and audits
  • Negotiate with officials
  • Assess the complexity of existing documentation
  • Carry out surveys and inventory projects

Price list of services:

First consultation 30 EUR

Additional fees for services provided by business partners according to their price quotations.

100% advance payment for services ordered from business partners.


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